The mission of the Daufuskie Island Council is to serve as the liaison between the people of Daufuskie and local, state and federal governments and agencies, as well as other entities interested in working with Daufuskie Island to help address the needs and concerns of Daufuskie Islanders. The organization will also work to ensure that local, state and federal government initiatives that involve Daufuskie are implemented smoothly. The Council is governed by a set of By-Laws:


The compilation of the Daufuskie Island Plan and Code was a major undertaking that not only provides Daufuskie Island with a clear and detailed vision for the future, but also introduces a new type of zoning to the Island as well as Beaufort County.

Daufuskie Island Plan

  • The Dau­fuskie Island Com­pre­hen­sive Plan  is part of the 2007 Com­pre­hen­sive Plan for Beau­fort County. The Dau­fuskie Plan was adopted  as an addi­tion to the Beau­fort County Plan on August 23, 2010.

Daufuskie Island Code

  • The Purpose of the Daufuskie Island Code is to preserve undeveloped lands while allowing for contextually appropriate “community-based” development that reflects the Island’s traditions, is meaningful, valued, and timeless.


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