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Daufuskie Island Council 

Minutes – January 17, 2017

Prior to the Council meeting, there was a candidates forum. The following candidates were in attendance: James Bays, John Schartner, Maureen Devine, Sallie Ann Robinson, and Roger Pinckney. Participating by phone was Tina Fine. Each candidate was given 2 minutes to speak about their qualifications for the Council, and why they decided to run for a Council seat.

The candidates were then asked questions from the participating public representatives. These questions included:

What are the top two or three issues you feel are most important for the Council to consider?

Do you support the proposed development for the Webb Tract?

Following hurricane, it appeared there might be an opportunity to pursue beach renourishment, notwithstanding the CBRA issue. Would any of the candidates be willing to take that on as a project?

There is concern by some that when issues come up that potentially have a serious impact on the island, decisions are being made without consultation with the community. The proposed Prospect Road closing and the proposed Webb Tract development project are examples. As a Council member, how would you approach these situations?

Please identify one thing from your background that will help improve the Council.

Chairman Small thanked the candidates, and called to order the regular Council meeting at 7:10 pm. Present were:

Charlie Small

John Schartner

Deborah Smith

Steve Hill

Darnell Brawner

Chuck Hunter

Janet Adams

Absent: Tina Fine (participated by phone) and Len Pojednic

A duly constituted quorum was present.

2017 Council Elections

Steve Hill provided a report on the 2017 Council elections process. The by-laws dictate that every year at least three positions open up. There was special recognition of Janet Adams, John Schartner, and Tina Fine, whose seats are up for re-election, and who have been serving on the Council. The following information was presented:

The elections are scheduled for Saturday, February 11th from 9:00 am – 4:00 pm at the Mary Fields School. Eligible to vote are full-time residents and property owners, regardless of residential status. Ballots were available at the Council meeting, and would also be available at a number of other locations throughout the island.

Hurricane Recovery Effort

Chuck Hunter reported that FEMA is still picking up roadside debris and will be here another couple months. Three passes will be made on every island road, and residents can still move debris to the side of their road for pick-up even if a truck has already come by.

Francis Jones Park and Restrooms Update

Chuck Hunter reported that his construction company had received the contract for the construction of restrooms and trails at the Francis Jones Park, and the work has been approved and permitted. However, the hurricane-related clean up efforts had delayed their construction. The work will be started within the next two months.

In response to a question by a public representative, Chuck said that the restroom work at the County Dock was on hold pending resolution of a zoning issue.

Webb Tract Update

Charlie Small reported that he is in close touch with the developer, Roger Freedman, about the project, and that Mr. Freedman was currently in Asia. No application for the Webb Tract/Oak Ridge development has yet been filed with the County’s Planning Department. Charlie said that he has told Mr. Freedman that the application will have to address infrastructure concerns by the community. Financing appears to be an issue with the developer. In response to a question from a public representative, the property purchase option had two key dates, one in December, and the final date at the end of March.

Ferry Committee Update

Steve Hill reported that the Ferry Committee had met the previous week to discuss ongoing operations of the public ferry service, provided by the Daufuskie Island Ferry Company. In addition, a meeting had recently been held with County officials to discuss several major issues, including the location of the embarkation dock following the near-destruction of the Palmetto Bay Marina dock during the hurricane. The county was currently allowing the county-owned dock at Oyster Factory Park in Bluffton to be used, but that is considered just a short-term solution. Steve reported that there were some “interesting new leads” for new dock options.

Committee on the DI Plan and Code

Deborah Smith reported that the Council’s Committee on the Daufuskie Island Plan and Code had requested through several sources that they receive a copy of the development proposal, but that the developer had declined at this time to provide it. Given that response, the Committee will wait to review the proposal until and when the application is submitted to the County. However, the Committee will be reviewing the entire plan in 2017 to determine if changes should be recommended to the County. The meetings will be announced and open to the public, and community input will be welcome.

Resolution Thanking Janet Adams for Her Service

John Schartner presented a resolution thanking Janet Adams for her service to the Council and moved for its adoption. It was seconded by Deborah Smith and passed unanimously by the Council. There followed a sustained round of applause by the community members. The approved resolution was as follows:



WHEREAS, Janet Adams was elected to the Daufuskie Island Council in 2014; and

WHEREAS, she has been a consistently conscientious and hard-working member of the Council; and

WHEREAS, her many contributions include serving as the Council’s liaison for the Daufuskie Island Sea Turtle Rescue Team, and her updates to the Council and the entire island community has raised awareness and support for this important work; and

WHEREAS, she has worked diligently with the Hilton Head/Bluffton Chamber of Commerce to increase public awareness about Daufuskie Island, and was especially helpful in the production of several videos promoting Daufuskie’s unique assets; and

WHEREAS, she has served as Co-Chair and intends to continue serving as a citizen member of the Council’s Committee on the Daufuskie Island Plan and Code; and

WHEREAS, she was an effective advocate with Beaufort County officials on behalf of a dependable and effective public ferry service; and

WHEREAS, she proposed and spearheaded a much-needed initiative to educate island visitors about responsible and safe operation of golf carts; and

WHEREAS, she has never hesitated to volunteer on behalf of island events including the annual Beach Sweep and Daufuskie Day; and

WHEREAS, Janet has demonstrated an admirable ability to recognize and appreciate the value of all Island communities  and has been a unifying voice for all Daufuskie residents; therefore be it

RESOLVED, that on behalf of the entire island community, the Daufuskie Island Council thanks Janet Adams for her work on behalf of the Council and the residents of Daufuskie Island; and be it further

RESOLVED, that the Council looks forward to continued support and volunteerism by Janet for important island initiatives.

Open Forum

There were no comments nor questions from community representatives.


There being no further business, Chairman Small adjourned the meeting at 7:35 pm.


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